Auto Tint Dealer Services

Sunray Tint offers a competitive edge to car dealers in offering aftermarket services and has been the #1 choice of many new car dealerships in the areas that we service. We have served the Dallas/Ft. Worth market since 1983… some of the same dealerships for 18 years! Our extensive one-on-one working relationship with the sales department, service managers, service writers and fleet departments, make it easy and profitable for any dealership to benefit from our services. Dealerships want to offer window tint as an added benefit to the vehicles’ options, but so often find it difficult to keep a tint installer on the premises. Sunray Custom Tint sets up the tint shop right on your premises to be ergonomically, efficiently, providing the highest quality workmanship available. The vehicles don’t have to leave your premises! We can answer any questions your customers may have and will be available for appointments set by your customer. We never rush a “tint job” but our installers are very experienced and can produce a finished product in the necessary time allotted. The dealership doesn’t have to be concerned about adding another employee to their payroll, often making it necessary to provide benefits as well. We will invoice you for each vehicle as we tint it, and send you a statement at the end of the month. We are fully licensed bonded & insured and references are available upon request.

We can help make any stock car look high end and sporty, including the car that can’t sell month after month. The previously owned vehicles you have on your lot always look nicer with window tint therefore appearing more attractive to your customers. We can make this as seamless as you prefer offering our services yet you maintain full control of your customers by determining price, scheduling, payment, etc. Call us today for an appointment so we can show you how we can help your dealership make more money with proven aftermarket products that are easy to sell during the purchase of a new vehicle. We offer point of sale tools to showcase all of our products.