Huper Optik Tint & Huper Optik Nano Ceramic Window Film

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Hüper Optik is the world leader in nanoceramic window films. Their patented technology offers solar control for automotive, commercial, residential, marine and security applications. Let us help you create the perfect window.

The following products are available as Automotive Window Films.

 Select Series

High performance precious metal films with natural tones designed to allow in maximum light but reject the maximum amount of heat. See moreless

The highest performing, non-reflective film in the world.

We developed the Hüper Optik spectrally selective technology to create a multi-layer filter that separates the suns heat, light and UV rays to provide comfort without compromising your view. By using Nano Technology, we were able to use precious metals, silver and gold, to allow in the maximum amount of light, but reject the maximum amount of heat without increasing the visual reflectivity of the glass.

 Ceramic Series

Films using the power of Nano-Ceramic technology to improve performance and quality. See moreless

The first and only patented Nano-Ceramic window film available.

Hüper Optik researchers developed an advancement in high performance coatings through Nano-Ceramic technology. This advancement stunned the industry and allowed Hüper Optik to patent its technology in 1998. The German technology improved performance and quality beyond other solutions.

By using advanced Ceramics with Spectrally Selective technology, Hüper Optik  was the first and only patented Nano-Ceramic Window film available.

Visible Light Transmittance Total Heat Rejection % UV % Infrared Heat Rejection % Glare Reduction %
C30 30% 63% 99% 86% 62%
C35 34% 61% 99% 81% 61%

All patterns are cut with our computerized cutting system. Our library of digital patterns includes most current makes and models as well as many older body styles. Our tint kits will fit your car like a glove. In the event that the cutting system doesn’t have a perfect fit for your vehicle, all our installers are experienced where they are able to hand cut if necessary and your vehicle will still have that special custom look. To help your vehicle stand out even more, we offer an array of stripe kits to “customize” and bring out your style.

Let Sunray Tint protect you and your family. Once film is installed on your vehicle or home, you have 99% UV protection (which is also the fading ray), added safety because the film holds the glass together in case of an outside blow or accident, cooler temperatures inside which protect leather seats or hardwood floors, etc and live “cooler” with privacy and safety! Call today for your appointment! 817-337-4500

Reject the heat and add some style to your car with auto tinting from Sunray Tint!

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