Why You Should Tint Your Classic Car

Why You Should Tint Your Classic Car

Dallas/Fort Worth & Keller TX Classic Car Window Tinting

If you live in Texas, you probably know how much damage the sun can do to your interior. Even if you store your pride and joy in a garage most of the time, the summer shows and cruises, and trips to the beach or a car club barbecue party can still wreak havoc on your upholstery.

Car show season lasts a little bit longer in Texas, but no matter where you live the sun can be your interior’s biggest enemy. Car covers protect your car at home, but during car show season cars will sit out in the sun for hours on end. Only the lucky few find the shade of a tree – even then it’s only for a short while before the sun shifts. If you drive your classic car often, there’s another solution to protect your interior: window tinting.

Just like there are various levels of performance for automotive parts like intakes, carburetors, and tires there are also various levels of performance for window tinting and various price points for both the film and the installation. We’ve all heard the saying, “you get what you pay for” and that mantra holds true for window tint film just like anything else we install on our car.

Likewise, just as there are shops that have expert installers and other shops that probably shouldn’t be working on cars, the same falls true for window tinting.

At Sunray Tint are team of expert installers have worked with thousands of luxury and class vehicles. Not only with a paramount attention to detail but we also believe in only using the finest quality films.

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Sunray Tint

Whether you want to tint your windows to add cosmetic style to your vehicle, make your windows safer from breakage, or just cool it down inside, Sunray Tint gets the job professionally done. We have been tinting homes, commercial buildings, and vehicles since 1983. That’s 34 years of experience. Owners, Butch and Sue McCollum, are hands on.  Our staff is highly skilled, and we are family owned and operated.

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